Georgia Social Security Disability Insurance Claims

Georgia residents that are unable to work due to a disabling medical condition or injury may be eligible to collect disability benefits. The purpose of Social Security disability benefits is to provide financial assistance to workers that are unable to work because of their disability. The U.S. Social Security Administration decides who is eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits.

Every year, thousands of people apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) in Georgia. However, about two-thirds of all applicants will have their claims denied by the agency.

Who Pays for SSDI?

SSDI is a tax-funded federal insurance program. A percentage of your earning goes to the Social Security tax and your employer marches this percentage.

However, if a worker becomes disabled during their working life, they may be eligible to receive SSDI payments.

How to Apply for Disability Benefits

There are several different ways that Georgia residents can apply for disability benefits. The first option is to apply for benefits at the Social Security Administration’s website. Also, residents apply at their local Social Security office. In addition, residents can make an appointment with a claim representative to file for benefits on the phone.

Individuals can also hire a lawyer to file for disability benefits on their behalf. Many Georgia residents will hire attorney because they find that the application process is complex and frustrating. An experienced attorney knows what criteria that Social Security uses to determine eligibility and will make sure that your application is filled out correctly.

Application Process

Typically, it takes three to five months for an application to be processed. Please keep in mind that the process may take longer if the state agency is backlogged. After Social Security has made a decision about the claim, the applicant will receive a letter in the mail. If the disability claim has been approved, the letter will state when the benefits begin and the amount of the monthly payments.  If Social Security denies the claim, the agency will explain in the letter why the claim was rejected.

About 66 percent of all initial applications are denied by Social Security. Applicants that have their claim rejected can file for reconsideration. We suggest that residents had their claims rejected speak with an attorney. An attorney can review your claim and make sure that all of the necessary documentation is filled out and that you have enough medical evidence to support your claims. About 85 percent of all reconsiderations are denied by Social Security. Having a Georgia SSD lawyer working on your reconsideration may improve your chances of having it approved.

Georgia SSD Lawyer

We recommend that all Georgia residents speak to an attorney before filing for SSDI. A lawyer that is well-versed in Social Security law can streamline the application process and make sure that the proper documentation is sent to the agency. An attorney knows how to build the strongest case possible for your claim and to improve your chances for approval.

To speak to a Georgia SSD attorney, fill out the contact form on this page.

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